Changes Report

Release History

Version Date Description
1.0 2008-03-09
0.9 2006-05-04
0.8 2006-04-13
0.7 2005-08-02
0.6.2 2005-07-29
0.6.1 2005-06-25
0.6 2005-03-12
0.5.3 2004-12-14
0.03 2002-12-04
0.02 2002-11-13
0.01 2002-11-11

Release 1.0 - 2008-03-09

Type Changes By
update Upgrade to Checkstyle 4.4. dennislundberg
fix Insert subversion id as @version in all Java source files. dennislundberg
fix Use the Maven 2 standard directory layout. dennislundberg
fix Move the source code to Subversion. dennislundberg

Release 0.9 - 2006-05-04

Type Changes By
update Upgrade to Checkstyle 4.1. Fixes 1431608 . Thanks to Mohit Kumar. dennislundberg
fix Adapted the Ant build to create its output in the same places as Maven. dennislundberg

Release 0.8 - 2006-04-13

Type Changes By
fix Run Checkstyle only on files with ".java" suffix. Thanks to Alexander Syedin. dennislundberg

Release 0.7 - 2005-08-02

Type Changes By
fix Works with IDEA 5.0. dennislundberg
fix Displays the number of files with errors, instead of the number of files that were scanned. dennislundberg
fix Major refactoring of the JetStylePlugin class. Moved all the GUI stuff to a new class JetStyleToolWindowPanel. dennislundberg
add Added complete JavaDoc for the JetStylePlugin class. dennislundberg
add Added JavaDoc on class level for all classes. dennislundberg
fix Improved the coding style: renamed variables, removed trailing whitespace, adjusted whitespace around curlies and parenthesis, corrected JavaDoc syntax, shortened long lines. dennislundberg

Release 0.6.2 - 2005-07-29

Type Changes By
add Added null-checks in several places, to make sure that variables who are null are not used. Log an error if they are null. dennislundberg
add Added logging on different levels to facilitate debugging. dennislundberg
fix Do not run Checkstyle on the default project. dennislundberg
fix Use a logger instead of System.out for debugging and to report exceptions. dennislundberg
fix Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in JetStylePlugin.determineFilesToScan(): make sure that a file is selected before trying to get it. dennislundberg
fix Make sure that Checkstyle is spelled correctly everywhere. dennislundberg
remove Remove _self and getInstance() from JetStylePlugin because they might not work when multiple projects are open. dennislundberg
remove Remove the tab for configuration file properties. dennislundberg
remove Remove old unused configuration panels. dennislundberg

Release 0.6.1 - 2005-06-25

Type Changes By
add Added a split pane to the module configuration panel. dennislundberg
fix Cleaned up the layout of the configuration panel. dennislundberg
fix Make sure the TextField for the configuration file has a correct width, even if it is empty. dennislundberg

Release 0.6 - 2005-03-12

Type Changes By
add Use more icons. Thanks to Anders Magnusson. dennislundberg
add A project web site. dennislundberg
add Added a deploy target in the ant script. dennislundberg
add Added Maven configuration. Maven is used to generate the web site, and can also be used to build the jar file. dennislundberg
fix Corrected spelling. dennislundberg

Release 0.5.3 - 2004-12-14

Type Changes By
update Updated to work with IDEA 4.5. gstamp
add Download using the plugin manager. gstamp
fix Background scanning to window isn't blocked for large files. gstamp
fix Jump to source working. gstamp
fix Misc fixes. gstamp

Release 0.03 - 2002-12-04

Type Changes By
add Added support for Checkstyle 3.x. Thanks to Lars Kühne. intabulas
add Support added for IntelliJ IDEA 4.0. jshiell
fix Misc Bug Fixes. intabulas

Release 0.02 - 2002-11-13

Type Changes By
fix Using the PSI stuff to make the toolwindow tree look a bit more consistent with the other IDEA toolwindows. intabulas
fix Fixed a bug where the toolwindow was not pinning when opened. This when a tree node was clicked on the toolwindow would close. The window will now open docked and not sliding. intabulas
fix Fixed highlighting in the Tree Cell Render. intabulas
add Added more configuration options under Project Properties. intabulas
fix Scan ALL source files in a project. intabulas
fix ToolWindow buttons are now real IDEA Actions. intabulas
fix AutoScroll to source implemented like the rest of IDEA. When selected, clicking on an error will navigate to that file (line and col). When disabled, double click on the item will perform the same task. intabulas
fix Changed the display to show only the package with classname (no paths, that's in tooltip for now). intabulas
fix Misc Bug Fixes. intabulas

Release 0.01 - 2002-11-11

Type Changes By
add Initial version. intabulas