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@todo 19

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Number of occurrences found in the code: 19

com.intabulas.intellij.plugin.jetstyle.JetStyleConfiguration Line
Error handling 114
com.intabulas.intellij.plugin.jetstyle.JetStyleLogger Line
Need JavaDoc here 26
Need JavaDoc here 36
Need JavaDoc here 44
Add code 47
Need JavaDoc here 52
Need JavaDoc here 62
Need JavaDoc here 72
Need JavaDoc here 87
com.intabulas.intellij.plugin.jetstyle.JetStylePlugin Line
This inner class should be moved to JetStyleLogger 215
This actually happens - why can't IDEA find the directory of an existing java file? 341
Figure out how to get a nice classloader from the IDEA project final ClassLoader loader = project.getComponent(??); context.add("classloader", loader); 607
Shouldn't this be removed? 708
com.intabulas.intellij.plugin.jetstyle.panels.JetStyleConfigModulesPanel Line
Refactor this to a method */ 46
Handle this 76
Maybe later 206
com.intabulas.intellij.plugin.jetstyle.panels.JetStyleConfigurationPanel Line
Needs to be editable for dealing with http locations, but I didn't want to get into any tricky focusLost handling for now 67
Change this to open a standard IDEA file selection dialog, like in IDEA's "project properties | compiler | add file" 77
Use SwingWorker as this may take time 86